There are essentially two types of pretreatment chamber:

Single-chamber pretreatment systems

Multi-chamber pretreatment systems

In the single-chamber pretreatment system, the entire pretreatment process (e.g. iron phosphating) is carried out. In this type of pretreatment chamber, the position of the part being sprayed or the spray ring is rotated to prevent spray shadows. The individual parts are separated after each treatment stage and then directed into their intended basins.

A multi-chamber pretreatment system consists of several chambers. In these chambers, the part being treated is placed in position and then treated (e.g. zinc phosphating). In order to apply the medium to the entire piece, either the part or the spray ring is reversed during the overall treatment process. The workpiece is then fed into the next chamber, in which the appropriate medium is applied to it.

MONTA chamber pretreatment systems are compact in their design, which is specially adapted to match your preferences.


The efficient pretreatment system requiring only a small space.