Crack detection

MONTA Lackieranlagen GmbH also uses its extensive knowledge and technical expertise in applying substances to coat surfaces in the specialist field of crack testing.   In the aviation industry, for example, tests are carried out on surfaces by applying fluorescent emulsifiers, which flow into any cracks that may be present so they can be documented. This procedure is extremely efficient and allows for reliable series testing on components relating to safety. Another area of application is with high-performance components in the automotive industry. Speeds above 250 km/h, with the corresponding thrust effect during deceleration when braking, require one hundred percent flawless materials that can safely withstand the forces which occur. Here, the penetrant applied acts as a means of find any surface cracks that may not be visible to the naked eye. Read more


Whatever you want to test, MONTA can develop the perfect solution for you that provides secure, reliable test results. Contact us for a consultation. Our system specialists look forward to dealing with your specific challenges. Our tests uphold the current DIN EN ISO 3452 standard and the safety requirements arising from it.


Simple manual crack testing for small quantities.


Manual loading and unloading with automatic penetrant application.


Fully automated crack testing with final geometric inspection.