In times of globalization, competitive pressure is rising in all industries and markets. In order to cut costs, companies are optimizing and streamlining their processes, entire departments are being outsourced, and this means that energy efficiency also plays an important role.

MONTA spotted these signs of the times a long time ago, and so all of our systems come with energy saving components as standard.

Examples of these include waste heat recovery in the form of cross flow heat exchangers or rotary heat exchangers. These recover up to 70% of the energy from the warm extracted air.

Frequency converters are also included in MONTA’s standard range. These can enable motors to warm up gently and avoid peak loads, as well as adapt the energy demand to the process, where motors can be automatically brought down to 40% of their maximum output.

Economic motors with the latest energy efficiency classes are also part of MONTA’s approach to saving energy.

By using smart control technology and cascading warm extracted air, warm water, demineralized water or even chemicals, even more energy is saved in our systems, reducing costs and protecting the environment.


Using the latest environmentally friendly technology, we take care of the environment whilst also reducing your energy consumption.